City Media Group LLC will cover all your guest rooms, pools, sun decks and other public areas with a signal giving your guests direct access to the internet. Installation of the network is completely free and there are no monthly fees or maintenance charges. City Media will run, maintain, and support the whole network free of charge for your property or condominium association. We will charge individual network users (your guests) for the time they spend online. Every six months your property will receive 10% commision of the generated revenues.

Each laptop can automatically detect the signal and connect to the network. The system can recognize new users and seamlessly connect them to the internet. No setup is required. Computers connected to the network will display our welcome page with basic information about network usage. No one is charged at this point. New users can sign up for different rate packages using their credit card. Payment is processed though a secure internet payment gateway and all new accounts are activated immediately. We offer a variety of subscription plans ranging from one day to one year.

Example of available rate plans

1 day $8.49
2 days $16.49
3 days $23.49
1 week $39.49
1 month $59.49

Our server and access point grid structure supports full roaming. Hence the user can move freely around the property from the room to the pool or beach, experiencing absolute wireless freedom.

  • Free installation of all the network equipment.
  • Guaranteed 10% revenue share.
  • Free internet for your office (100+ units property).
  • Free 24/7 support for your guests.
  • Free information materials (lobby signs) and “How To” brochures.
  • Increased guests/owners satisfaction.

Wireless networking in the hospitality environment evolved dramatically in the past few years as the number of devices connected to the hotel networks multiplied ten times. Video streaming and other high bandwidth demanding applications are now standard and most Wi-Fi networks installed during the first hotel Wi-Fi boom 7 years ago are now outdated. Well functioning Wi-Fi network is not an optional amenity anymore but standard feature every hotel has to offer to attract and retain customers.
City Media Group LLC will install a dense grid of wireless access points throughout all guest rooms to ensure balanced coverage and fast throughput for connected guest devices. Access points can be completely concealed and out of sight or mounted inside the smoke detector style housing. Guest access to the Wi-Fi can be controlled with password or Term of Service page. After successful login guest will be redirected to branded property welcome page. All network components are connected to our remote monitoring and alert center that quickly detects any potential issues and enables us to take corrective measures fast.

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